• Compliance Assurance

    Most Oracle® customers are out of compliance with their licenses and don’t even know it. Oracle’s audit teams are actively seeking out new audit targets and you will eventually be on their list. Don’t wait for Oracle compliance to give you a multimillion dollar bill. Compliance Assurance will get you in compliance and protect you in case of an Oracle audit.

  • Contracting

    Are you currently negotiating a software and maintenance contract? Palisade Compliance experts will walk you through the entire acquisition process. Since we are not aligned with any software vendor, our only goal is to help you obtain the best pricing and most favorable terms and conditions. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars. Let us do the same for your organization.

  • Audit Intervention

    Are you currently being audited by Oracle®? Whether you are in the early stages of an audit, or Oracle’s LMS has delivered a non compliance report with hefty price tag, we can help. Think of Oracle as the tax authority. You wouldn’t go through tax audit without an accounting expert, why would you go into a software audit without Palisade Compliance?

  • ULA Optimization

    There are three big questions an Oracle® customer must answer to get the most out of their ULA. Should I do it? How do I manage it? Should I certify or extend it? At Palisade Compliance we help clients through all stages of ULA management. We have the industry’s only ULA Optimization program specifically designed to help our clients get the most value out of that ULA.